Peyman Mahrou

Director of Development 

Peyman brings creative organizational and relationship development to the forefront of our firm. He believes in thoroughly grasping client needs and delivering solutions in a personalized fashion. He will ensure that your needs are met in a prompt, effective and professional manner.

Matt Mahrou

President & CEO 

Matt is not only the Founder & CEO of Metranode, he is also our residential LED technology wizard. Matt is also the founder of Los Angeles based firm Parmida LED, a well established lighting tech company. His highly valued expertise in the field gives our firm a competitive advantage when it comes to product quality, reliability and durability. 

Gevik Bonyadi

Lead Creative

Trained as an Industrial Designer, Gavin works with both the client and the team to design and redevelop a space with efficient and creative displays. Once design concepts are discussed Gavin ensures that the creative team drafts complete sophisticated mock-ups as visual aid for all of our proposals.